Kayaking Tisno


17 August 2017

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We are here to make your vacation different and more attractive, to get to know our sea and coast in a special way. Are you wondering how easy to get a fresh, cool look at the place where you spend your vacation? Anyone who ever drove kayak knows that these small ships are one of the best ways to connect with nature. You practically sit in the sea. The smell of the see calms you down, your ears rest while listening to the waves dancing, and you look at the shore that looks completely different when watching from kayaking because you are at its level. We offer you various tours on the Murter Sea and the Gulf of Pirovac.

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Out tour include uninhabited islands, peaceful coves, cultural sights, archaeological excavations … In your exploration of nature and the common recruiting one of our guides will accompany you. Our wish is that you experience the wonderful Murter archipelago, its simpatic places, its hidden coves, and crystal clear sea in a different way.

The excursions last for about 4 hours with the maximum capacity of up to 4 people and the route is determined by agreement between the guide and you, depending on the weather conditions and your wishes. The tours are designed for beginners and no experience is required, and rowing is learned fast and fast perfected. We have two Dag Biwok tandem kayaks available for you, which are Sit-in type, making them ideal for exploring. They are characterized by their speed and tolerance to the waves and mistakes of the rowers.

Refreshment, snack, diving mask included. You can bring your stuff with you in our waterproof bags. During your trip you will be able to get out of your kayaks so you can relax, refresh, swim…