17 August 2017

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In the sunny and sea-surrounded Tisno and the island of Murter, you can find refreshment from the hot summer days on numerous beaches and coves, hidden or public, or in any place that you think is ideal for swimming. From the mainland of Tisno, to the north, in the bay Prisliga, there is the most famous Tisno beach – “Jazina”. It is a beautiful pebble beach located in a protected bay surrounded by pine trees. In addition to Jazina, in Tisno you can enjoy the sun and the sea on the pebble beach “Villa” located in the center of town.  When you cross the bridge and walk along the promenade to Jezera you will pass by beach “Andrija” surrounded with a pine forest. When you cross the bridge and go to the other side, to the right, towards the town of Betina, you will come to the pebble beach “Lovišća” and see Tisno from another angle.

From the outside of the island of Murter, the view will fall on the open sea and the Kornati, from which many bays and beaches are carved to the south. When you find your place for towel storage in the sandy bay of Kosirina beach or a little further away on its rocky part, it is time to refresh yourself in the crystal-clear sea. Little fresher because the beach is facing the open sea. In addition to Kosirina, there are also beaches “Slanica”, “Čigrada”, “Podvrške” and numerous unknown, hidden and therefore more private bays.

Tisno - activities

Exploring Tisno and the island of Murter you will discover that the coast itself is beautiful – perfect for cycling, kayaking, in fact any activity that involves spending time in nature. During the day or at night you can walk along the illuminated promenade that connects Tisno and Jezera. Also, there is an old road that used to connect Tisno with Betina, which is no longer used by cars today and that is why it is a perfect place for cycling, rollerblading, walking, running … The beauty of this road lies in the fact that it follows the coast line with a beautiful view of the mainland part of Tisno. You can take a walk along the promenade above our house, which offers the most beautiful view of Tisno. Visit the church of Holy Spirit, which together with the local cemetery is located in the town. Climb to the votive church of Lady of Karavaj. If you wander away from it in any direction, you can find a natural lookout point with a view of Tisno, Jezera and numerous islands of the Murter archipelago.

National Parks and Nature Parks

Due to its geographical position, Tisno is an ideal place as a starting point for exploring the beautiful nature and culture of Šibenik-Knin County. There are three national parks nearby:

1. National Park Kornati, which can be reached exclusively by boat, either on your own arrangement or with the help of one of the agencies. Kornati is adorned with 140 islands, islets and reefs. There is also one of the most beautiful sandy bays on the island of Levrnaka.

2. Krka National Park, which can be reached by car or a boat from city of Skradin. Enjoy a walk through the national park and the view of the river Krk as well as the Manojlovački waterfall, Skradinski Buk or Roški waterfall and many other waterfalls.

3. Paklenica National Park and with its canyons of Velika and Mala Paklenica you can see by walking, planning or climbing rocks. The park can be reached by car.

4. Vrana Lake Nature Park is also nearby. It is also the largest lake in the Republic of Croatia with its lookout Kamenjak, from where there is a spectacular view of the lake itself, the islands of the Murter and Biograd archipelagos and the nearby settlements and towns. The park can be reached mainly by car.

5. Dinara Nature Park includes the Dinara Mountain, where the largest peak in Croatia, Sinjal, is located at 1830 meters above sea level. The park can be reached by car.

Since Dalmatia is located in a very karst area, in our vicinity there are springs of four rivers, one to one and a half hours drive from Tisno. Here you can spend time enjoying nature with the chirping of birds, the murmur of crickets and the noise of the flow of rivers and waterfalls. These are the source of the river Zrmanja in Zrmanja, the source of the river Krupa in Golubić, the source of the river Krka in the town of Knin and the source of the river Cetina in Cetina.

Dalmatian landmarks

If you want to explore the history of the area, we recommend the city of Šibenik, a city with four fortresses and two cultural monuments that are protected by UNESCO – the fortress of St. Nicholas and the Cathedral of St. Jacob. The city is only 25 km away from us. Do not forget to walk through its old town where you can enjoy the view of the old stone houses, palaces and churches that only the old part of the city has 24. Visit the museum of the city of Šibenik located in the Rector’s Palace. When you visit the old town, you will get to know the fact that Šibenik is the largest number of stairs on the Adriatic.

Near Šibenik there is the island of Zlarin, to which regular boat lines run. The boat to Zlarin also departs from Vodice. Enjoy visiting the old town of Zlarin and learn something about the history of coral as well as coral processing in the local museum and workshop..

Also, near Šibenik is the island of Prvić with its two places Prvić Luka and Prvić Šepurine. These places seem to have remained alive in the 19th century. In Prvić Luka there is also a museum of Faust Vrančić – a Croatian inventor and philosopher, a man who, among other things, invented the parachute, models of his inventions are in the museum. The boat to Prvić departs from Vodice or Šibenik.

The city of Zadar is 60 km away from us. It originated in ancient times. The most prominent sights are the church of St. Donat, Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Ancient Glass and from our time await you Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organ.

An hour and a half drive from Tisno are the city of Trogir, whose entire old town is protected by UNESCO, and the city of Split with Diocletian’s Palace built in the 1st century by the Roman emperor of the same name. Also, Split is adorned with the Cathedral of St. Duje and many other sights.

Gastronomy and events

You can enjoy food in many restaurants in Tisno and other places on the island of Murter. In addition to fresh fish from “fishing places”, a good piece of meat is also revered. In the hinterland, in rural households and taverns, try their traditional specialties.

Tisno hosts the The Garden festival, which consists of a series of different music festivals that are active during July, August and early September, and attract people from all over the world. In addition, in the area of the island of Murter are organized local festivals FSG Murter, Lakes Woodstock, More Rock ‘n’ Roll On The Sea Coast. In addition to these events, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Tisno organizes a program called Tisno Summer