03 May 2020

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The Island Murter belongs to the North Dalmatian group of islands, which contains almost 40 % of all Croatian islands and is the most dense archipelago in both the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.
Island Murter is located in the northwest of the Šibenik archipelago. Only 6 meters away from land and connected with it by a bascule bridge, the island is very easy to reach, which makes it even more attractive. Island Murter is located in the northwest of both the Šibenik archipelago, as well as the Šibenik county. Only 6 meters away from land and connected with it by a bascule bridge, the island is very easy to reach, which makes it even more attractive.

There are four towns located on the Island Murter – the older ones, Murter and Jezera, and the newer ones, Tisno and Betina.

Beautiful beaches and landscapes

Most of the island is covered with age – old olive trees and fig-trees, which are the main traditional crops grown by the natives.
Since they have settled there, the present – day residents of Murter have come a long way from being farmers and stock breeders, fishermen and wine growers to caterers, chefs and travel agents… Mean land, which used to be the cause of hard life and powerty, has turned into an attraction – desolate sandy bays have become the most visited beaches, and Kornati have been recognized as one of the most beautiful and best preserved landscapes in the world.

The Island Murter is famous for its sandy and gravel – beaches, such as Slanica, Kosirina, Čigrađa, Podvršak, Lovišća… There is also a large number of small bays hidden from view and far away from the heat of larger beaches.


The town of Tisno is the first place in the island of Murter you will encounter if you choose to visit this Middle Adriatic island. Although it is the youngest settlement on the island, Tisno is deserving of the fact that Murter has a great advantage over the other Adriatic islands, which is a bridge with a bridge stretching over 38 meters wide, so you do not need to travel to Murter ferry or other boat transport. The town of Tisno is situated halfway between the peninsula and half on the island of Murter, and it is situated on the shore between the mainland and the island where the present of the Tisnosians are situated.

The population also engaged in traditional activities – with vines and olives. Of all the settlements in this area, Tisno was first engaged in organized tourist offerings, so in the period between the two world wars, foreign tourists came to Tisno. Already at that time Tisno had hotels and pensions.

Today, Tisno is a peculiar Dalmatian settlement built by stone houses and chalks, spacious squares and lush Mediterranean vegetation. Tisno also boasts a long waterfront enriched with catering facilities such as cafes, taverns and restaurants. Crafts and trade are greatly reduced, and although the local population continues to engage in agriculture, tourism is the main activity of the inhabitants of Tisno. The result is an excellent position, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, a crystal clear sea, pebbly and sandy beaches and close proximity to the National Parks of Kornati and Krka, as well as larger towns on the coast – Sibenik (28km), Zadar (56km) and Split (100km) and good connections the main highway and the highway.

From the historical and cultural sights in the town is the Town Tower, built in the 15th century. There is also the parish church of St. The spirit of 1548, later adorned in Baroque style. The place where the legend says that Our Lady appeared, is the sanctuary of Our Lady of Karava. In the main part of the settlement Tisno there is also the church of Sv. Martin.


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